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About is the UK’s largest supplier of Jura limestone to the public and trade.  Our buying power makes us the least expensive and most reliable supplier of Jura Limestone anywhere! But you won’t have to sacrifice quality to get a great price; our Jura limestone is of the highest quality that you’ll find for sale.

Qualities and characteristics of Jura Limestone

Jura limestone is renowned throughout the world for its enduring beauty with encapsulated “Ammonite” fossils dating back to the Jurassic period, hence the name “Jura”.

Predominantly available in beige or grey, Jura limestone is typically even in its background colour with the surface interest provided by a spattering of fine detail, quartz clusters and intricate fossil elements making it a popular choice with customers across the globe.

This distinctive appearance offers a unique finish every time with individual results which can never be repeated. Every customer has the satisfaction of knowing their completed installation is personal to them, and will never be found exactly the same elsewhere.

Jura Limestone is also widely known as being one of the hardest natural stones available making it perfectly suited to commercial applications like the home of the Halle Orchestra, the Bridgewater Hall in Manchester or the Liverpool museum, as well as domestic floors and walls. 

How we can help

Here at we can accommodate trade requests both big and small thanks to our exclusive contract with the German supplier. Take a look at our Trade page for more information.

Jura is particularly well suited to kitchen floors and living areas in general but is equally at home in bathrooms.  Its durability offers customers the reassurance that it will require little maintenance over the years and will stay looking the same as the day it was laid.

It’s this low maintenance quality which is so appealing to many homeowners, delivering a great return on their investment for many years to come. After a sealer has been applied, Jura limestone will be almost impervious to stains and spillages, making it the practical choice for households with young children and pets.

Free samples and contact us information

Request a free sample from us today and discover the quality of our Jura limestone first hand. There’s no obligation and you could find yourself amazed at the exquisite quality on offer for such a great price.

We’re always happy to help with any queries or provide advice, so why not get in touch with us today to see how you could transform your home?


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