Bespoke Jura Projects

About Jura Limestone

Jura limestone is one of the most versatile types of natural stone when it comes to bespoke items.  All manner of pieces can be crafted from this hard, stable stone to suit the most intricate requirements.

Quarried and manufactured in state of the art facilities in our partner factory in southern Germany, Jura limestone is often crafted into stair treads, fire surrounds, external cladding as well as more intricate items like fountains and even baths.  Jura limestone worktops are becoming more popular and can be an excellent cost effective alternative to ordinary granite worktops.

Jura Limestone Western Alps

Jura limestone offers the same hardness and durability as traditional materials such as granite, so you won’t need to compromise on longevity. In fact, Jura limestone is so tough; the chances are that you won’t ever need to replace it. And what’s more there’s minimal maintenance required too, making it simple and easy to keep looking at its absolute best.

Each piece of Jura Limestone is unique

There’s nothing like the appearance of quality Jura limestone either. The millions of years compressing tiny plants, aquatic life, animals and fossils have created a multi-faceted natural stone which is quite remarkable.

No two pieces of Jura limestone are the same; when you choose this stone for your tiles, you have the satisfaction of knowing that your finish will be truly unique. Available in beige or grey, or a combination of the two, you’ll find swirls of colour, clusters of quartz and the distinctive rippling which sets Jura limestone apart.

First class customer service

Our first class customer service is second to none with in-house experts ready to discuss your detailed requirements.  Why not give us a call on 0161 277 6859 to discuss your project or ideas and one of our expert advisors will advise you on the best solution to your requirements.

To get your project going all we require are technical drawings with exact measurements along with a detailed specification and we can pass it onto our partners in Germany to cost up.  And you might be surprised at just how economical a bespoke piece can be. Once approved, production could take as little as a few weeks before it’s shipped over to the UK on 40ft articulated lorries.

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With Jura-Limestone, a bespoke piece of furniture crafted from the very best natural stone could be yours with no fuss, no hassle, just a swift and easy process.

For further information, contact the commercial sales team on 0161 277 6859 or email